Welcome to dogpile.cache’s documentation!

Welcome to dogpile.cache’s documentation!#

Dogpile consists of two subsystems, one building on top of the other.

dogpile provides the concept of a “dogpile lock”, a control structure which allows a single thread of execution to be selected as the “creator” of some resource, while allowing other threads of execution to refer to the previous version of this resource as the creation proceeds; if there is no previous version, then those threads block until the object is available.

dogpile.cache is a caching API which provides a generic interface to caching backends of any variety, and additionally provides API hooks which integrate these cache backends with the locking mechanism of dogpile.

New backends are very easy to create and use; users are encouraged to adapt the provided backends for their own needs, as high volume caching requires lots of tweaks and adjustments specific to an application and its environment.

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